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Product Code : SMD 31
Product Description


  • SMD Axial Flow Fans are designed to cover wide range of air flow capacity and pressures so as to suit various industrial requirements and applications.
  • SMD has developed a high efficiency Aerofoil Section Axial Fan Impellers made from high grade aluminum alloy which are robust in construction and will give optimized design based on air flow, pressure and power consumption.
  • These Impellers are statically and dynamically balanced to give a smooth operation and comes in fixed pitch blade and variable pitch blades.
  • smd Axial Flow Fans comes with IP-55 protection and “F” class high efficiency and robust motors for continuous running application in extreme industrial conditions.
  • SMD Axial Flow Fans are  tested the International Standards Organization (ISO) achieved a standardized fan test code with the publication of ISO5801:1997. This Standard replaces BS848: Part 1, 1980 upon which it was based.

Fan performance as per is-3588.

SMD Axial Flow Fans are to suit specific requirement of site and application and come in below categories:

All Axial Flow Fans have a capacity up to 2, 00,000 m³/hr and pressure 75 mm WC

  •         Duct mounting Axial Fans – These fans find application in ventilation system, fume exhaust system, tunnel ventilation. Sizes are 300 mm to 1600mm with fixed pitch impeller of 6 blades.
  •         Wall mounting Axial Fans- These fans find application in exhaust ventilation system, general ventilation exhaust. Sizes are 300 mm to 1200mm with adjustable pitch impeller of 4/6/8 blades.
  •         Bifurcated Axial Fans - Because of unique construction where the drive motor is isolated from air stream, this fan find application for evacuation of hot air/fumes with max temperature range of 100c.
  •         Roof mounting Axial Fans - These fans find application in furnace area, hot air remove, fume exhaust.  Sizes are 450 mm to 900mm with fixed pitch impeller of 6 blades.
  •         Direct and Belt drive Axial Fans - These fans find application in hot gas remove, chemical fumes remove fume exhaust system, Sizes are 300 mm to 900mm with fixed pitch impeller of 6 blades.


All axial fan casings are rolled and flanged from heavy-gauge mild steel and hot-dip galvanized after manufacture. The standard casings enclose the impeller and motor completely and weatherproof external terminal boxes are standard. The motor is wired into the external terminal box through flexible terminal weatherproof conduit and a separate earthing screw is provided. Flameproof or increased-safety motors are not normally wired to the outside of the case so the client can connect directly to the terminal box in accordance with the requirements for the particular hazardous zone.


The most common applications for Axial Flow Fans include:

·         Paint sprays booth exhaust.

·         Fume hood exhaust to exhaust dangerous fumes away from the operator.

·         Welding fume exhaust in welding booths.

·         Process cooling and exhaust of machinery and/or systems.

·         Spot cooling of heat generating equipment such as generators or transformers.

·         General ventilation using supply air and/or make-up air in factories, warehouses, foundries,
garages, laundries and transformer, engine or equipment rooms.

·         People cooling in hot work areas.

·         Exhausting heat and cooling of kilns, forges and in steel mills.

·         Boosting airflow through long duct work.

·         Exhausting mist and vapor in paper mills or industrial parts washers prior to painting parts.